Managing Land More Responsibly

For centuries land has always been an issue. It’s true isn’t it, wars have been fought over it. And in some parts of the world, it’s still happening. Even closer to home, the dust has yet to settle. In some counties, the files have been pulled out ever so reluctantly. The books are being scrutinized once more. They want to know the truth. Was this land claim ever settled legally? And bearing in mind that back in the day of the wild, wild west and those pioneering adventures, there weren’t always laws, they want to know.

Were these landscape issues ever settled fairly? A long, drawn out process. It can still take years to settle just a piece of land ever so justly just so everyone involved gets a fair piece of soil. Time which many current landowners simply do not have. The same goes for new landowners, those who have managed to jump the queue and cut quickly through all the bureaucratic red tape. One state does things its way, just like it’s always been done, while another state has modernized to a degree, and this in keeping with the rapid changes that are sweeping the entire continent.

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This has very little to do with what’s happening in town halls and those other corridors of power. The issues surrounding land management mascoutah il projects are being influenced by what’s happening up there in the great big skies. There is this. Climate change and global warming. As if you did not already know. The thing is, whoever is given custody of the land now needs to manage it sustainably and responsibly. Give land to those who will act responsibly. Let those who will do the right thing by all manage the land, if not, own it entirely.